2019 Meat CSA is open 

2019 February - June Meat CSA is now SOLD OUT. THANK YOU!

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice and weights are approximate*

Overview & FAQ about our Meat CSA

What is a CSA, what does it stand for, and why join a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We offer a variety of "shares" of what we produce on the farm. Members purchase a "subscription" , and in return, receive meat from us every month. This is a win-win, for the farm and for the member. The farm receives cash flow and we get to meet those that are eating the food we produce. The member gets healthy meat in smaller amounts for those that don't have the freezer space for large quantities, and it's a very budget friendly way to buy healthy meat. 

Reasons many people buy from us.

  • Buy Local: The money you spend with our farm stays in the local economy. We are less then 25 miles from Grand Rapids and many of the surrounding areas, and make an effort to buy locally too.

  • Know your Farmer: Everyone you meet from Woodbridge Dairy Farm works on the farm. We will always answer your questions and love talking about what is happening on the farm.

  • Excellent Taste and Quality: Our animals have access to pasture during grazing season, making them full of omega-3 fatty acids, and nutrient dense. We raise most of our own feed for our animals. Our land has been chemical free since 2004. Happy animals make healthy meat.

  • Convenience: We have two pick up locations. We are at Fulton Street Farmers Market and you can pick up at the farm We are willing to look at new drop off locations.

  • Customer Service: We want to meet and exceed your expectation of us. Your feed back is very helpful to us, it allows us a chance to improve upon our services offered to you.

Meat csa seasons

We offer two CSA "seasons" per year. They are five months long: Winter/Spring-February to June and Summer/Fall-July to November. Pick up is dependent upon location. (The exception is the Kalamazoo location.)

Kalamazoo CSA season. Summer/July to October. Pick up is on the Third Thursday of the month at the Kalamazoo Night Market

2019 Kalamazoo CSA season dates are: 7/18/19, 8/15/19, 9/19/19, 10/17/19

Grand Rapids CSA season. Pick up is on the Third Saturday of the month at the Fulton Street Farmers Market

2019 Winter/Spring season dates are: 2/16/19, 3/16/19, 4/20/19, 5/18/19, 6/15/19

2019 Summer/Fall season dates are: 7/20/19, 8/17/19, 9/20/18, 10/19/18, 11/16/18 

Jamestown/Byron Center CSA season. Pick up is on the Second Saturday of the month at Woodbridge Dairy Farm

2019 Winter/Spring season dates are: 2/9/19, 3/9/19, 4/13/19, 5/11/19, 6/8/19

2019 Summer/Fall season dates are: 7/13/19, 8/10/19, 9/14/18, 10/12/18, 11/9/18 

What if deliveries have already begun, can I still join? Are there any deadlines?

You can register to join at any time during the season. We will pro-rate costs monthly. However, you may not join one month at a time. Registrations are for the remainder of the season. There are no deadlines, only limited number of shares.

Can we choose which cuts are in our share?

Our shares are not customizable by the cut. We can plan how many animals to raise, but we can't plan for a scenario where, someone wants New York Strips and Tenderloin fillets, and someone else wants Porterhouse Steaks out of the same animal, only one type of cut can be made out of that animal but not both. We make every effort to keep track of what cuts are provided to you the prior month, so you get a rotation of cuts.

What would I do with cuts that I am unfamiliar with, don't use enough of or like?

Members maybe surprised when trying our recipes with new cuts, which may not have considered. If there are still come cuts that you don't like, you can share them with family/friends/co-workers. If there are too many cuts that you dislike in our example share, then Woodbridge Meat CSA may not be right for you. We can't promise specific cuts per individual tastes. 

Where do I pick up my share, or is there a delivery site?

You can pick up your share at Woodbridge Dairy Farm, 1050 Woodbridge St. SW, Byron Center MI 49315. We deliver to Fulton Street Farmers Market in Grand Rapids, during market hours. Our NEW Kalamazoo delivery site is at Kalamazoo Farmers Market, during Thursday night market hours. We do offer a farm to door delivery service. Email us if you would like more information on this service. We are willing expand delivery to other areas, with enough CSA pick ups in that particular area, just ask.

Can I change delivery site once I register?

Yes, you may change delivery sites any time during our season. We do need a week notice before pick up day. Contact us:

How do I pay?

When you Join the Meat CSA, you will receive an invoice by email for a two month deposit according to your chosen Meat CSA share. This deposit pays for the first months CSA share cost and the last months CSA share cost when leaving the Meat CSA share. 

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card payments with a fee of 5% added to your share. You may pay directly off of the emailed invoice or at the time of pick up, with cash or check. 

If I go on vacation, how do I deal with my share?

Email us to let us know, and we'll switch you to an alternate site, or hold it for you until next month. We will only hold your share for one month. 

Do you ever need new CSA delivery sites?

Yes, we are always interested in a new delivery site. 



CSA Meat Cuts


Grounds (ground beef, ground round, ground sirloin)

Steaks (Delmonico, New York Strip, Sizzler, Sirloin, Tenderloin filet, Porterhouse, T-Bone)

Roasts (Chuck, Rump, Brisket, Shank)


Chops (boneless, bone in)

Steak (pork steak, ham steak)

Ribs (spare, back)

Roast (shoulder, ham, loin)

Links (bratwurst, kielbasa, Italian, breakfast)

Grounds (breakfast, chorizo, Italian, pork)


Odd Cuts, Bones & Organs (beef broth bones, beef heart, beef tongue, beef liver, oxtail, beef soup bones, pork neck, smoked ham hocks)