3 words that can make a dairy farmer JUMP!

[slideshow]Life on a farm is never boring but I'm glad yesterday is over. Around 11am yesterday, my husband came in from finishing morning chores. I was standing in the kitchen and happened to look out the front window of the house. I was surprised to see...COWS! Those three little words that make a farmer JUMP are..."COWS ARE OUT!" We couldn't get out of the house fast enough. We ran for our boots and coats. Yes, it's cold in Michigan this time of year. The dog and I went out one door to cut them off and my hubby went out the other door to start the snowmobile. The whole milking herd was out of the barn and heading to the neighbors yards and fields. We did round them all up and put them back on pasture. We had to fix the gate they opened. Milk production went down that night. But the cows seemed to be perfectly happy with themselves. Those are three little words I don't need to say or hear again for another year at least!