Insurance Quest

I'm in the infancy stage of trying to find an insurance company that will (1) insure the farm, and (2) cover liability of a herd share. Yes, that means people can own their own cows and drink their own milk, fresh unprocessed whole milk, a.k.a. FUWM. Let's start with the beginning, in Michigan farmers can't sell raw milk directly to a consumer. However, there is no law stating that you can't drink your own milk from your own cow. This is how herd share or cow shares came to be. People are smart and understand the risk they take when joining in ownership to a herd share. I believe people have the right to choose FUWM if they so desire. Desire for this product is one of the reasons, I'm now looking for insurance. Not all insurance companies will take on a farm. Just because it says "farm" or "farmer" in their name doesn't mean they cover farm or farmer. I have called and talked to quite a few of these companies. After that I switched my form of search and went online. Search, Email, and then call. I'm still looking but have one calling tomorrow. The insurance quest is on!