Chuck Roast Recipes

I'm a busy mom, wife, business owner and I really don't have enough time in a day. I know 3pm is coming get home from school...I hear...wait for it....

"What's for dinner?"

Does this sounds like something you hear too...If you're just as busy, which I'm sure you are you will love these chuck roast recipes that use the slow cooker, of course the oven or an instant pot works too.

Yes, I usually work right along side the farmer (my husband)...he still says it too. *place eye roll here* He's lucky, I love him! The convenience of having meat in the freezer ready to grab is awesome. You can have that too...with our Meat CSA.

It's cold outside and chuck roast in the slow cooker is hardy, warm and well it's healthy, grass fed, melt in your mouth, beefy greatness. 

Here's a couple of recipes from our Meat CSA. <--yes, this starts back up in to join.

French Dip Chuck Roast

Slow Cooker Italian Beef