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Pasture Raised Poultry

January is the month that I figure out how many birds to raise during growing season. I'm a little behind on doing that, for a couple of reasons. 

  1. I really am not a big fan of chickens...okay they are like mini dinosaurs and scare me. *there I said it*
  2. The local processor is in the process of trying to sell their business. They are still processing but a lot less birds. The other USDA poultry processor is on the east side of the state.

There's a new vendor at Fulton Street Farmers Market, that sells poultry. I don't know a lot about them. What I do know is because they come from Northern Michigan. They can do it cheaper then a farmer like me in West Michigan.

Yes, West Michigan is not a cheap place to live. The feed prices are adjusted according to the area we live in, much like the gas prices or the grocery store prices. *this isn't news, if you have ever traveled around Michigan*

How does any of this effect you?

I will only be raising poultry for Woodbridge Meat CSA this year. 

If pasture raised poultry is something you really like from us. I would recommend signing up for our CSA. You can just choose chicken as your meat choice, which means once a month you will get pasture raised poultry from us. 

I have a two chicken recipes we shared last year with our Meat CSA members. 

Cast Iron Whole Chicken

Savory Chicken Salad 




Ground Beef is versatile

Ground beef is so versatile to use. It's also one of the most expensive meats to have processed.

Our steers are born and raised on our farm. We know exactly what they have been fed from day zero. Meaning we had...

  • to feed the momma
  • to breed the momma
  • to wait for the baby
  • to deal with the teenager cattle *place eye roll here*
  • to get to adult stage
  • to harvest 2 years later.

You get the idea. 

Our Farm (Woodbridge Dairy Farm) doesn't buy a half or whole hanging animal or go to the local animal auction house to purchase some other farmers half finished cattle or hogs and say it's ours. Even if it's cheaper to do it that way, and we know a few farmers or vendors who do it that way. It works for them and they can sell cheaper, because they have less invested. 

I have to be able to look you in the eye at the market or farm and know that I'm offering you the best, healthiest meats we can raise from the conception.

You vote with your money on how your food is raised. 

Ground beef is expense just for the simple fact that it's ground. Grinding cost extra to have done at the local processor. There's a lot of grind on a whole beef so spreading the cost it much easier to do then, a steak where there's less of them on the whole beef. 

Ground beef recipes are a dime a dozen...I do have a couple recipes that use over and over. Crowd pleasers. These recipes were first shared with our Meat CSA members. 

Sloppy Joes

Oven Jerky