growshery house

Got Questions? Come Visit the Farm

It maybe winter but we farm all year round. I won't be at Fulton Street Farmers Market this Saturday. I will be on farm and the Tiny Growshery House will be open to you. Remember you can put your order in before hand and just pick up. You can wonder around and see the pigs, calves and cows. I'm here to answer questions. This is a great opportunity to get questions answered and to see for yourself what Woodbridge Dairy Farm is all about. This farmer's wife looks forward to meeting you when you stop out. 

Tiny Growshery House is Open

We are trying something new. The building for my owners to pick up their shares, has a keypad locked door. Only those who have the code could get in. Saturday, January 7th, 2017, we are opening it up from 10am-2pm for online ordering pick up. This is for everyone, no door code needed. One of the young ladies that helps around the farm will be there to answer question and hand you your order. This will be the only way to get duck eggs this winter if we have them. So click on the SHOP NOW to place your order.