Milk in glass bottles

I’m proud to say we use glass bottles. Here’s our pros and cons to why we made the decision to go glass and not plastic.

Milk is always better in glass!  

Milk is always better in glass!  

Pros  (of glass bottles)

•glass keeps the milk cold longer

•glass doesn’t leave a weird taste in the milk like plastic *chemicals anyone*

•glass is 100% reusable, rinse, wash, refill, repeat 

•saves money in the long run because we reuse

•glass is 100% recyclable, melt, reshape, reuse

•less plastic for our earth, we only get one of those so let’s take care of it. 

•we like how they look, old school, milk delivery


•pain in the hinder to wash all those bottles 

•glass breaks, I dropped a whole crate of full glass milk bottles once *crying over spilled milk*

•the sound they make together, tink, tink, tink

•returning the bottles, or on my end, not enough bottles being returned

•large upfront cost to purchase glass bottles

Our pros out weighted our cons. We farm with the earth, the animals and you in mind...why would we work so hard to raise healthy animals that produce  nutritious delicious milk and serve it to you in anything but the best, drink milk from glass. 


P.S. It’s 2018...let delivery begin!